About Us

SiRO (Studies in Radicalism Online) is a scholarly organization devoted to forging links between the material archive of resources for the study of radicalism and the digital research environment. The activities of this effort are driven by three primary goals:

  • to provide a virtual community for those engaged in the study of radicalism and
  • to meet emerging needs of this community, including making recommendations on technological and scholarly standards for electronic scholarship, the aggregation of data, and the ability to discover and repurpose this data, and
  • to aggregate resources (both primary and secondary) relevant to radicalism studies.

To these ends, SiRO has created partnerships between the Michigan State University Libraries, the Journal for the Study of Radicalism (MSU Press), and ARC (the Advanced Research Consortium). For more on ARC see the article from Scholarly and Research Communication . Over time SiRO hopes to vet and publish born-digital projects through peer review, aggregate top-quality digital objects, and to generally create a community through which the study of radicalism moves scholarship forward in these areas.

In the years 2019-2021 SiRO is focused on aggregating resources in areas of Black radicalism, gender and LGBTQ equity and indigenous movements.

The Journal for the Study of Radicalism engages in serious, scholarly exploration of the forms, representations, meanings, and historical influences of radical social movements. With sensitivity and openness to historical and cultural contexts of the term, JSR loosely define “radical,” as distinguished from “reformers,” to mean groups who seek revolutionary alternatives to hegemonic social and political institutions, and who use violent or non-violent means to resist authority and to bring about change. The journal is eclectic, without dogma or strict political agenda, and ranges broadly across social and political groups worldwide, whether typically defined as “left” or “right.” JSR was an original partner with SiRO.

We expect contributors to come from a wide range of fields and disciplines, including ethnography, sociology, political science, literature, history, philosophy, critical media studies, literary studies, religious studies, psychology, women’s studies, and critical race studies. We especially welcome articles that reconceptualize definitions and theories of radicalism, feature underrepresented radical groups, and introduce new topics and methods of study.

SiRO Team

Devin Higgins

Devin Higgins, Co-Director

Devin builds digital collections for the Michigan State University libraries, using computational techniques to enlist digital objects in exhibits that encourage exploration and engagement. He also supports digital scholarship at MSU, focusing on data modeling, text analysis, and visualization.

Michael Rodriguez, Co-Director

Michael has an MA from Michigan State University, a PhD from University of Illinois at Chicago, and an MLS from Wayne State University. He current serves as the Librarian for American and General history, English and American Literature, Performing Arts (including Film Studies), and serves as the librarian for streaming film. He is the author of two books: BELLE ISLE: ISLAND PARK GEM (Aradia, 2002) and RE OLDS AND INDUSTRIAL LANSING (Arcadia, 2004). His latest project was a film called RE OLDS AND THE FIRST MOTOR CITY (2018, Films on Demand).

Manasi Mishra (she/her/hers), Project Manager

Manasi works as the graduate assistant at SiRO and is responsible for harvesting new collections, and managing the SiRO database and social media. Manasi is a graduate student at the inter-disciplinary Department of Community Sustainability and is pursuing a specialization in Gender, Justice and Environment. She has a law degree from India and has worked as a corporate lawyer, social entrepreneur and social development worker in the past. Manasi is a passionate advocate for gender equity and hopes to continue working towards it, in the field of international development.

Editorial & Advisory Board

The SiRO Editorial & Advisory Board guides policy and scope, identifies new materials, peer-reviews submissions, and provides technical oversight.

  • Michael Rodriguez (Co-Director), Michigan State University
  • Devin Higgins (Co-Director), Michigan State University
  • Manasi Mishra (Project Manager), Michigan State University
  • Julie Herrada, Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
  • Patrice-Andre Prud’homme, Oklahoma State University
  • Arthur Versluis, Michigan State University

SiRO Account

By setting up a free SiRO account and creating a personalized My SiRO page,  you can organize your collections, tag and annotate items that you can later highlight in any exhibit you create.

Everyday users of SiRO are important contributors to the project. We encourage you to create a My SiRO which will let you collect, tag, and annotate digital objects you locate in SiRO as part of your own research. The tags you apply to objects in your personal collections then become part of the SiRO system, helping other users locate and re-purpose scholarly materials.

SiRO is always in search of new projects and digital materials to be aggregated into the SiRO interface.  If you administer a project having to do with radicalism studies that you would like to be peer-reviewed by the SiRO Editorial Board please contact us at

*image on homepage: March on Washington, 1963, Photographer: Marion S. Trikosko, United States Library of Congress Prints and Photographs division