New Collection: Radical America

SiRO just added a new collection- Radical America, 1967-1999, a political magazine by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) founded in 1967. The content of the magazine spanned across themes of working -class radicalism, feminism, racism, marxism etc.

The magazine initially served as an unofficial journal of the SDS and was edited by historians Paul Buhle and Mari Jo Buhle in Madison, Wisconsin. In the 1970’s the magazine became more concerned with issues of the New Left. As historians left its editorial board in the 1980s and prices of printing increased, Radical America had to close its office in 1999.

” It left behind a proud history of thought-provoking articles and a testament to a social movement that long outlived its initial organizational form, namely, Students for a Democratic Society. “**

SDS was one of the largest student radical organizations in the US and built a membership of 300 chapters across the country by the time it closed in 1969.* A new SDS was formed in 2006 in the wake of anti-war demonstrations against the US.

Read more about the collection here.

*Kirkpatrick Sale, SDS: The Rise and Development of The Students for a Democratic Society, pp. 529-530. Random House (1973), Hardcover, Vintage Books (January 1, 1974)

**Radical America, 1967-1999, Brown University Library Center for Digital Scholarship

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