SiRO Exhibits

SiRO curates digital exhibits related to studies in radicalism where users can remix online content into essays, annotated bibliographies and other formats. Exhibits can be used to workshop papers and exchange ideas with your peers, or share it with the world wide web under a Creative Commons License. You can create the exhibit using the Omeka Exhibit Builder or any other online exhibit builders and send us your exhibit for curation on the SiRO website, to If selected, the exhibit will be listed under the Exhibits tab on the SiRO page, plus SiRO will create metadata so that the project  will become part of the SiRO resource database and be searchable as a SiRO object. The exhibit will also be advertised through SiRO’s newsfeed.

To create the exhibit, you can take the help of your My SiRO account, with which you can collect and tag items of interest from your search results. You can manage these resources using your My SiRO page, along with saved searches.

By setting up a free SiRO account and by making a personalized My SiRO page, you can organize your collections, tag and annotate items that you can later highlight in any exhibit you create.

Everyday users of SiRO are important contributors to the project. We encourage you to create a My SiRO account which will let you collect, tag, and annotate digital objects you locate in SiRO as part of your own research. The tags you apply to objects in your personal collections then become part of the SiRO system, helping other users locate and re-purpose scholarly materials.

SiRO is always in search of new projects and digital materials to be aggregated into the SiRO interface.  If you administer a project having to do with radicalism studies that you would like to be peer-reviewed by the SiRO Editorial Board please contact us at

Some Sample Exhibits Related to Studies in Radicalism

Activism in the US

This collection from the Digital Public Library of America focuses on the Civil Rights Movement in the larger sense which demanded full civil rights and legal equality for all Americans, including the struggle for racial equality for African Americans, equality for women and LGBT and anti-war activism.





American Indian Movement

This exhibit on DigiLab, University of Georgia, gives an overview of the American Indian Movement that began in 1968 with the aim of pushing the US Govt. to recognize the sovereignty of the Native Americans.







F.B. Eyes Digital Archive

This Omeka Exhibit highlights FBI files on African American Authors and Literary Institutions through US Freedom of Information Act.



Narratives of the Frontier: Views on Settler Colonialism

This exhibit was created by a class: “English 10304: Digital Frontiers in American Literature” at Southwestern University using resources from the Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center. The exhibit is based on how the class interpreted settler colonialism in course texts and archival findings.


What We Know of the Enslaved: Hidden Lives in the Michael Reed Papers

Organized by the identity of each slave, this exhibit seeks to highlight the lives of the slave, through the documents owned by slave owner Michael Reed.




SiRO Exhibits

Contextualizing Beyonce’s “Formation” and Black Panther Imagery





Selected Materials Related to the American Civil Rights Movement Added in Fall 2017





Students for a Democratic Society: An Overview with Key Documents









Silences in the Historical Record of Reproductive Freedom in America